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Felicia Medina

Felicia Medina

Felicia Medina is Vice President of Town & Country Insurance located in Green Valley Ranch; Felicia is a consistent leader among her insurance peers and has a reputation for tenaciously protecting her client’s insurance interests. Felicia’s knowledge and expertise has enabled her to offer protection from highly rated carriers ensuring her residential and commercial clients are protected.

Felicia is an active volunteer who enjoys giving back to her community, her passion and dedication has been lifelong. Felicia recognizes education is the key to opening doors and has worked diligently to make a difference in the area of education with an emphasis at the primary level. Felicia serves on her registered neighborhood organization board of directors, Sunnyside United Neighbors and, as past president, was instrumental in leading a newly energized “Education Committee” with the goal of ensuring all children in the neighborhood have access to safe and top performing opportunities.

Felicia’s leadership in both business and civic roles allow her to be a thoughtful and contributory board member for the Denver Hispanic Chamber, Education Foundation.

Felicia also served on the Collaborative Schools Committee for the 2012-13 and 2014-15 school years, as a parent representative at Bryant Webster K-8 dual language school- a focus committee to enhance student achievement and school climate by engaging the (school) community. The CSC provides strategic direction in support of the school’s mission and vision.

Previously she served on the board of directors for Adelante Mujer, a movement designed to assist Latina women so they may gain entry and succeed in mainstream education, employment and economic systems, while retaining their cultural values.

Felicia is a dedicated and successful business women with over ten years’ experience, she continues to service clients insurance needs, her commitment is to provide extraordinary service by aligning herself with the best companies and carriers so she may offer excellence in both service and product to her cliental.

Sales Team

Abbey Rediess

Abbey Rediess

Abbey Rediess is a Senior Insurance Agent at Town and Country Insurance (TCI) Services. Abbey graduated with a Bachelors degree in Sociology, and a minor in Political Science. She has a passion for criminal justice and civic issues facing communities. During her time as an undergraduate, Abbey worked at a Domestic Violence shelter in the youth program.

After joining the TCI Team, Abbey has focused her career on assisting Oakwood buyers with their home and auto insurance needs. The superior service level provided by Abbey combined with her attention to each client’s individual needs has led to many referrals outside of the Oakwood buyer realm. Abbey is continuing to build her knowledge base and expertise to provide the best service to her clients, no matter what their individual needs and lifestyles may require.

Abbey is an instrumental and valuable member of the Town & Country team. She supports the new agent training program and is currently mentoring new agents in the TCI team while leading by example. She has proved to be a key team member.

During her free time, you will find Abbey spending time with her family and friends, or enjoying a hike on a summer day.

Sarah Plume

Sarah Plume

Sarah Plume is a customer service agent at Town & Country Insurance Services. She serves as the first point of contact for our current clients to help with policy changes, renewal questions and your insurance related needs. She has a very friendly and playful demeanor while displaying professionalism that really shows in the thoroughness and passion in her work. Sarah was inspired by her favorite movie, Moulin Rouge, to study ballet at the University of Utah.

Sarah has 5 years of insurance experience working with a seasoned agent at Allstate Insurance, where she gained significant knowledge, making her an instrumental member of the Town and Country team.

Sarah is the President of the HOA Board in Green Valley Ranch, serving the community that she lives and works in. She doesn’t have a whole lot of spare time but when she does, she is a dedicated animal advocate and volunteered at the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue. When she’s not serving your insurance needs you can find her playing video games and spending her evenings at the local dog park with her 3 dogs.

Kendall Snow

Kendall Snow

Kendall Snow is an Insurance Agent for Town and Country Insurance Services, a division of Oakwood Homes. He grew up in Orlando Florida, and has a passion for water, and nature. Starting his first job at the age of 15, Kendall worked at Disney's Magic Kingdom as a custodian. While studying in Central Florida, he began to thirst for adventure beyond borders. In his freshman year of college, and with his best friend, Kendall chose adventure, and enlisted into the U.S. Army. He was immediately stationed over-seas in an elite unit.

While living in Europe, Kendall attended the University of Maryland, and it’s Annex Program for soldiers, located in Mannheim Germany, where he studied marketing, economics and world history. He also earned various diplomas in digitally secure communications, and computer networking systems, from technical colleges in Virginia, and Georgia (US), during his time in the Army. After the events of 9/11/2001, Kendall spent a lot of time in Asia.

When his military service ended, he spent a little time back in his home town of Orlando, Florida working as a sales manager, and consultant for Eastern Pacific Holdings, a multi-national marketing company head-quartered in Hong Kong, China. At his position in Florida, he implemented sales strategies, and customer service standards, that made the company's profits soar. Kendall was then offered a management position in Hong Kong, which he gladly accepted. He spent seven years living, and working in China, and also traveling East Asia.

After his return from Asia, Kendall sought out to stabilize his career path. With an interest in finance, and the advice of his fiancé, who is a commercial property insurance agent herself, Kendall entered the insurance industry, first working for American Income Life (NILCO), as a union-benefits representative, then for American Family Insurance, as an agency specialist. He first mastered casualty insurance, and then went on to specialize in property insurance. His drive and team-work brought the new agency from bottom in the district to top in the state for company sales goals and production.

Kendall was recruited in 2016, by Town & Country Insurance, and has been working here ever since. He loves the family atmosphere and positive energy that he gets from his colleagues, and new-home buyers. When asked what he liked the most about Oakwood homes, and the Town & Country Insurance Division, he said simply: "Protecting our client's brand-new investment. I sleep very well at night."

Customer Service

Michelle Scarbrough

Michelle Scarbrough

Michelle’s career began as a Disability Insurance Underwriter for Guardian Life Insurance Company. For nearly a decade she gained expertise and knowledge in the field, and ultimately mastered Disability Insurance. Michelle was seeking a new challenge and obtained her Property and Causality Insurance License. She shifted her focus into Commercial Insurance, as an Account Manager for Alliance Insurance Agency. Michelle developed a superior reputation while working hands on with clients, agents, and insurance companies. During this time, she found a new passion for servicing and providing an understanding voice to the clients. She quickly earned the opportunity for additional responsibility to oversee the licensing and contracting on a national level at Alliance Insurance Agency.

Currently, Michelle is the lead Sales Support Agent, at Town & Country Insurance. Since joining the team, she has provided outstanding customer service to the existing and new clients. Michelle serves a vital role in the success of the agency and will support the company as they move into a multi-state operation.

Michelle has an undeniable passion for helping animals, and finds that helping those that can’t speak for themselves extremely rewarding. She is an active volunteer with multiple local recuses, which includes: Save the Giants, Big Dogs Huge Paws, and Life Line Puppy Rescue. Her passion has led her to drive across states to take a dog to a new family, and she will not hesitate to open her home to a foster animal.

With 10 years of professional insurance experience, coupled with many years of volunteering, Michelle is a great advocate for those that feel lost. Continuing education is always in the forefront of her mind, as well as gaining knowledge to understand her field better than anyone else. Currently, Michelle is working towards obtaining a CISR (Certified Insurance Service Representative) designation.